Benny S. Carlsen

Approval Project  Manager



Virupvej 8

DK-8530 Hjortshøj

Mobile:  +45 2929 3231

Fax:        +45 69 121 774



Consultant service offered for:


”Products within the automotive – from idea to approval and market”


We do in our network support the complete process with coordination with:


-         Test facilities (national/international)

-         Approval authorities (national/internal)

-         Approval maintenance

-         Market requirement investigations

-         Business development and maintenance

-        Further issues related to support project




1.    Workshop for definition of project

2.    Establishment of project, plan etc.

3.    Establishment of system for handling project

4.    Establishment of documentation/approval system

5.    Coordination with test/documentation facilities

6.    Application by national authorities (workshop with them)

7.    Maintenance of approvals, documentation and procedures

8.    Establishment of support model, agreement and project



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